Charity Garden Party - 2017


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5:00pm - 7:00pm


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Come and join us at the WenLin Charity Garden Party, a truly unique opportunity for your children to showcase their skills and learn about how they can help other children in need!

Show their talent: regardless their level of skill and talent, we welcome children of all ages to be brave and show us what they can do: please stay assured that we will give them all a big cheer and say ‘Well Done!’. Such an experience will really give them the opportunity to boost their confidence, and teach them that it's always worthwile pursuing their dreams and interests further. Performances can be either China/Chinese culture related, or just based on something that your children will love to share with us all.

Fund raise: we want to encourage your children to use their creativity and independence in a way that will enable them to raise as much money as possible for other children who need help the most, and also make them feel proud of their achievement. Suggestions for little ones: earning little star stickers for every small chore they can help with in the house, for behaving good, etc: mummy will then reward them with little money that they can put toward a charity donation in their names. Suggestions for older kids: they can be manager of a small project or write a little plan, take action, document their experience, write a little story about their experience and what they have learnt from it, and finally share the story with us. We can then have the most touching stories featured in social media. 

How children will benefit from their participation: each child will receive a WenLin Chinese School certificate with their name on it, indicating how much money they raised and the charities they contributed to help. This will prove a great memory to keep! Older kids will also be able to tell about their fund raising experience to their classmates and teachers, and mention their accomplishment in their future school applications and interviews. 

How to participate: if your children are interested in participating, please fill in the application form (which you can download from Documents/Download program, top right) and email it to us. 

Attending and supporting the event: WenLin will fund all costs of the event. Tickets for attending the event have a small cost, and all funds raised will be donated in equal shares to charities which are devoted to help Chinese and British children.You can purchase tickets from the Eventbrite website . For more information about the chosen charities please visit MBL and Shooting Star Chase websites.  


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