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London, 13-15 November 2020

WenLin Chinese School attended the Language Show 2020 - Virtual Event where Haiyun Wang, founder and principal of WenLin, delivered an highly engaging speech "Teaching Mandarin by Zoom" - to an 185 people audience who shared rave reviews (click here for details) following the event. 

We are therefore pleased to make Mrs Wang speech available (click here to watch the video), and encourage those of you who want to know more to get in touch by writing to:


London, 28 April 2020

WenLin Chinese School has just turned 4 years old! And we are now Ofsted registered too!!!

We take the opportunity of such great milestones to thank our lovely community, and look at the most recent developments which brought our school onlineand still able to provide top quality Mandarin learning to our fantastic students!!! Well done everybody: students, parents and teachers alike!

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London, 7 February 2020

WenLin Chinese School has always had at its heart the best interest of the various communities revolving around its activities. Testimony to this is the decision of its Founder and Principal, Haiyun Rosa Wang, to donate £5,000 to Hubei branch of The Red Cross Society of China as a contribution to fight the spread of the novel coronavirus. At the same time, a further donation of £2,400 was made to Place2Be, a children's mental health charity that provides counselling and training in UK schools.

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London, 10 December 2019

WenLin Chinese School recently celebrated the End of Term 2019 with a number of fun-filled initiatives which involved our great community of students, parents and staff.

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London, 17 November 2019

WenLin Chinese School took part at the Language Show 2019 held at the Kensington Olympia Exhibition Centre on 15-17 November.

WenLin founder and headteacher, Haiyun Wang, gave the keynote speech "Mandarin is Easy!" which was attended by a room full of people and received rave reviews!

Keep on going WenLin! Already looking forward to the Language Show 2020!

For more info on such an amazing day please click here!


London, 22 August 2019

WenLin Chinese School is proud to announce that all of its GCSE students achieved top marks at this year exams.

For the full Press Release, click here.


London, 8 July 2019

WenLin Chinese School is proud to announce that two of its students have been awarded a Gold Medal at the recent Chinese Idiom Competition held in London on June 23.

Well done to both the students and teachers involved for achieving such a high standard in what was a truly competitive and exciting competition! 

To enjoy a few pics from the day, please click here.



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