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Siping Chen

Teacher: MBI-23 Belleville

My name is Siping Chen, a passionate Chinese language educator dedicated to fostering a love for Mandarin among my students. My teaching philosophy revolves around creating an immersive and interactive learning environment. I believe in a holistic approach to language acquisition, integrating speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. By incorporating cultural elements into my lessons, I aim to ignite students' enthusiasm for learning Chinese and help them deeply understand the Chinese language.

I hold a Master of Science degree in Creative Arts and Mental Health from Queen Mary, University of London. My coursework and practical experiences have provided me with a solid foundation in child development, classroom management, and effective teaching strategies for children.

Based on my BA in English Language and Applied Linguistics from the University of Nottingham and MA in Applied Theatre and Intervention from the University of Leeds, my commitment to fostering a positive and nurturing learning environment is evident through my past experiences. I tailor my teaching methods to suit the individual needs and learning styles of my students. Whether you're a visual learner, an auditory learner, or someone who benefits from hands-on activities, I strive to create lessons that cater to diverse learning preferences

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