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Cary Xvefeng Li

Teacher: MBI-21 Belleville

I am a native Mandarin speaker and a dedicated teacher holding a Master of Research degree, driven by a profound passion for education. Additionally, I have successfully obtained the Overseas Chinese Education Certificate from Jinan University in my spare time.

I actively contribute to curriculum development and educational reforms at school, aiming to deliver high-quality education to students. My love for teaching is accompanied by patience and genuine care for my students. Proficient in various teaching methods and educational technology tools, I can flexibly apply different strategies to meet the diverse learning needs of my students. Whether you are a visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, or reading/writing learner, I tailor my teaching methods to accommodate your unique learning preferences.

I firmly believe that every student has their potential and unique learning style. As a teacher, my goal is to kindle students' interests and unlock their potential, fostering comprehensive development. I prioritise the cultivation of independent learning abilities and good study habits, encouraging active participation in the classroom. Through my encouraging, caring, and personalised guidance, I believe my students can establish a solid foundation in learning Mandarin.

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