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Haiyun Rosa Wang

Founder & Principal, Gold Medal Teacher, Headteacher

Haiyun Rosa Wang has an MBA in International Business with a distinction which she obtained at The Birmingham City University in 2003, along with an Honours degree from The University of Hertfordshire. A proud mother of two wonderful boys, she is the founder of WenLin Chinese School which is to be opened in April 2016 and located in London. Though not the first Chinese school in London, it is certainly the first of its kind. Rosa’s vision and determination will transform WenLin into a premier Chinese educational institution where learning is fun. Prior to entering the education sector, Rosa had a successful career in Sales and Marketing for a Global Disney Licensee. She was soon promoted to oversee the sales and business of the Asian Pacific region and Latin America but her love and passion for education would lead her to form WenLin.

Her aim at WenLin is to provide a platform, where well qualified and passionate teachers can deliver high quality education and where students can explore the traditional Chinese culture and the beauty of the Chinese language. She is an avid promoter of traditional Chinese culture and involved in many charities. She is an active volunteer for several charities including the London based Chinese charity: Mother’s Bridge of Love, where she is the PR and Marketing director. This charity has three aims: bridging the gap between the Chinese culture and the rest of the world; bridging the gap between adopted Chinese children and their birth culture and finally, bridging the gap between the rich and poor. Rosa is an events manager at MBL. She is a team leader of the ongoing MBL’s 'Book for kids’ project. The mission of this project is to donate books and libraries to children in need.

Rosa is a woman of integrity, determination and passion. She believes that education is the key to the beautiful society in which we live. She will open the doors of WenLin not only for profit, but for the fulfilment she receives from providing every stakeholder with the opportunity to embark on a resourceful and enjoyable development experience. Part of any profit that WenLin will generate in the future will go towards charity for children in need. She has the determination, experience, passion and integrity to run a successful organisation and give back to the community.

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