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Xiaotao Wang

Gold Medal Teacher, Deputy Head Dulwich

Xiaotao is a native mandarin speaker from Shanxi, which is often regarded as the cradle of Chinese culture, a northern province near Beijing in China. She graduated from Tianjin Normal University with MA degree and visited Birmingham University as an academic visitor in 2012 and 2013, where she has systematically studied the language teaching methodology and language teaching skills. Xiaotao is skilled in teaching Chinese and willing to put what she learnt into practice. With 17 years teaching experience in universities in China, she is patient with students; pays equal attention to both accuracy and fluency and concentrates on Chinese listening and understanding alongside communication.

Xiaotao offers her courses with songs, games, stories as well as role-play. In addition, she is ready for learners who require tailor-made courses from Chinese enlightenment to an advanced stage. Xiaotao is skilful in Chinese writing and helpful to those advanced Chinese learners especially who would like to improve their writing ability. She aims to help learners improve their Chinese writing by identifying their writing deficiencies and offering expert advice on writing Chinese correctly and beautifully. Xiaotao believes Chinese learning can be fun and interesting, and moreover, it can bridge both Chinese and English languages and their cultures.

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