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Huang Kai Bao (Khai)

Teacher: MPII-21 Belleville

Hello! I'm an experienced educator with a strong academic background. I graduated from a prestigious university in Shanghai with a major in BA Communication, and later earned a master's degree in management with distinction from the UK, earning a spot on the Dean's list. This journey has given me a solid foundation in communication and people management.

I bring practical experience, from social media and financial modelling to sustainability consulting. Notably, I led a group of international students to a Shanghai kindergarten, where we had multicultural teaching sessions. Our goal was to broaden students' international perspectives by exploring content from eight countries, deepening their understanding of different aspects like economics, politics, and culinary traditions.

My passion for international education goes beyond the traditional classroom. From 2019 to 2020, I provided Chinese tutoring and facilitated cross-cultural learning for children aged 4-16 in China, Outer Mongolia, Malaysia, and Nepal. During my undergraduate years, I served as a bilingual host for lectures, engaging with prominent figures. I've also written and translated over 100 news articles and provided Chinese voiceovers for Himalaya audiobooks.

As a multilingual teacher, I'm deeply passionate about international education. I understand how to navigate students' emotions and spark their interest in speaking, learning, and writing Chinese—especially for those embracing it as their second language.

In my classes, we say no to boredom. My teaching philosophy is simple: "Transforming Lessons into Adventures, One Student at a Time." I believe in making learning an exciting journey for every student. Join me as we explore the wonders of language and culture together!

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