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Jianting Lily Zhu

Gold Medal Teacher, Senior Deputy Head

Lily, our Deputy Head at WenLin Chinese School, is a native mandarin speaker from Hebei, the nearest province to Beijing. She holds the Standard Chinese Proficiency Test Certificate (2nd grade, A level) and the International Profession Certification Association Certificate of Qualification as Senior Chinese Language Teacher.

In 1995, she graduated from Hebei Normal University, where she has been studying different teaching methodologies and learnt a wide set of skills related to education at different age levels. In 2009, she graduated from Renmin University of China where she obtained a Master's Degree. Boasting nearly 20 years teaching experience in various universities in China, Lily has a distinguished career, and is the winner of several awards in teaching competitions in Shanghai.

As a mother, she knows very well how to deal with children and how to make them interested in learning. As a teacher, in addition to extensive hands on experience, she has had the opportunity of developing skills such as patience, perseverance and responsibility. Lily is also very curious, and as a result she has many hobbies, ranging from flower arrangement, to cooking and hiking.

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