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Linda Zhao

Teacher: Calligraphy

Linda Zhao (BA in Education, Master’s in TEFL, UCL) , native Mandarin Speaker from Hebei, has 16 years both Mandarin and English teaching experience and has extensive research experience in teaching concepts with the differences between Asian culture and Western culture. Linda is good at revealing the highlights of students and teaching according to student background, learning interests and career planning. She is an excellent teacher and helpful friend for many students and parents. She also works for culture experience camps for all grades and ages. For many years, she has devoted herself to the dissemination of education and culture between China and UK, personally leading teachers and teams of students conduct bilateral exchanges, organising parent-child trips and international summer camps. Her practical experience of pedagogy and psychology also help various students’ majors and long-term learning plans.

Linda was born in a family of calligraphy and painting; she was cultivated by a well-known calligrapher from the age of 8. In her spare time, she practices Chinese Calligraphy and has made many contributions to schools, the Federation of Overseas Chinese and cultural exchange platforms.

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