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Shuchen Wang

Teacher: MBI-22 Dulwich

Shuchen Wang holds a Masters Degree in Special and Inclusive Education (Autism) from University College London (UCL) and is currently undertaking the Montessori Teaching Diploma course. Her passion lies in the field of early childhood education, particularly focusing on children aged 0-7. With a year of experience working in an inclusive kindergarten in China, Shuchen has taught various subjects such as Chinese language, music, art, and mathematics. She has also provided one-on-one support for children with autism.

In the United Kingdom, Shuchen continued her dedication to supporting children with autism by actively participating in volunteer activities. Following her Master's graduation, she took on the role of a teacher in a nursery. These diverse experiences have equipped her with the ability to approach challenges from the perspective of students and provide effective support.

Specializing in Chinese language instruction, Shuchen specializes in using interactive and game-based teaching methods, ensuring that students learn while having fun. Her approach aims to create an engaging and supportive learning environment for the students.

Outside of her professional life, Shuchen enjoys playing the piano, adding a creative and enriching dimension to her overall lifestyle.

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