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Yee Hang

Teacher: MBI-21 Belleville

Yee Hang is from Malaysia from 4th generation Chinese family. He is a Mandarin native speaker and was educated from Chinese primary to secondary school for 12 years. He graduated from the University of Essex with a BA in History and held the Chinese Proficiency Test Certificate Level 6. He will be continuing his studies with an MA in South East and Pacific Asian Studies at SOAS University of London in September 2021.

He is passionate about teaching. He gained some experience in teaching History in Mandarin in Malaysia and worked with A-level students in History during his studies at University of Essex. He is a patient person and loves to work with children and has some working experience with children from 2 to 5 years old.

Yee Hang loves languages and cultures. He speaks Mandarin, English and Malay, and three Chinese dialects, Teochew (Chaozhou), Hokkien (Minnan) and Cantonese. He grew up in a multicultural country therefore teaching Chinese is one of his goals. He wants to deliver Chinese lessons that combine with Chinese History to his students and make fun with History! His aim is to pass on Chinese traditional culture to the next generation.


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