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Yunshan Li

Teacher: MBI-22 Belleville

Hello, I am an experienced educator with a strong academic background. I graduated with outstanding honours from a prestigious Chinese university. Additionally, I obtained a Master's degree in Social Anthropology in the United Kingdom, where my research primarily focused on China's after-school education market. My academic journey uniquely positions me as an educator with a cross-cultural perspective and a deep understanding of language acquisition processes.

In China, I have gained extensive teaching experience, working with students at various academic levels. In one-on-one and small group settings, I have successfully instructed both junior and senior high school students in science subjects, resulting in an average grade improvement of 25% among my students. Furthermore, I have independently designed and implemented comprehensive curricula tailored to meet the specific needs and learning styles of my students.

In addition to these experiences, I am an active volunteer with Junior Achievement (JA) China. As a main instructor, I had the privilege of contributing to the development and delivery of an after-school Business Club at Beijing Shijingshan High School. Through this program, I imparted valuable knowledge and skills to students, enabling them to gain practical insights into the world of business.

My passion for education and dedication to enhancing the learning experience has shaped me into an experienced and accomplished educator. By combining my academic background, cross-cultural teaching experience, and practical teaching expertise, I strive to inspire and empower students to excel academically, cultivate their love for learning, and reach their full potential.

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