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Chinese School



WenLin Chinese School is one of only two Ofsted-registered weekend Chinese schools in the UK.

Native Chinese teachers

All teachers are native Chinese speakers trained to high standards and DBS checked.

Internationally-recognised exams

Students have the opportunity to sit a range of exams, including HSK and GCSE

Remote learning

Distance learning options are available and we have developed many effective ways to make online lessons enjoyable and interactive.

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WenLin Chinese School is one of only two Ofsted-registered weekend Chinese schools in the UK


Enthusiastic young students immersed in engaging Mandarin Chinese classes at our award-winning Chinese school, fostering a dynamic and fun environment for Chinese language learning.


We have a range of courses for you to study. Our courses listed below are a small section of what we can offer

Enthusiastic young student in a Mandarin Chinese class joyfully high-fiving her dedicated Asian teacher, exemplifying the excellence of our award-winning Chinese School in promoting Mandarin Chinese Classes and Chinese Language Learning


All students are required to complete a registration form online which will be filled in after payment for the course has been completed.

Joyful Mandarin Chinese Classes for Mothers and Children: Engaging Chinese Language Learning at our Award-Winning Chinese School - Mothers and children form a happy circle with hands on the floor, exemplifying our vibrant learning environment.


Find out answers to our most commonly asked questions...

Dynamic Team of Mandarin Chinese Language Instructors at Wenlin Chinese School - Uniting Expertise and Passion for Award-Winning Mandarin Chinese Classes, Creating a Positive Learning Environment for Chinese Language Learning Enthusiasts.


At WenLin Chinese School, we aim to provide a personalised and highly-interactive environment, where each and every student feels motivated and happy to learn.

Vibrant Chinese New Year 2023 Celebration at Wenlin Chinese School: Embracing Mandarin Chinese Classes, Chinese Language Learning, and the Spirit of Our Award-Winning Chinese School

Happy Chinese New Year from WenLin Chinese School

WenLin Chinese School is celebrating Chinese New Year 2023 with traditional Chinese cultural performances, the chance to try some delicious food and fun and games for families.


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