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Enthusiastic young student in a Mandarin Chinese class joyfully high-fiving her dedicated Asian teacher, exemplifying the excellence of our award-winning Chinese School in promoting Mandarin Chinese Classes and Chinese Language Learning

Our Teaching Methods

At WenLin Chinese School, we aim to provide a personalised and highly-interactive environment, where each and every student feels motivated and happy to learn.

Our native Mandarin-speaking teachers combine classroom lessons supported by textbooks, with a range of online tools to enhance learning and enjoyment.

We use news-themed platforms, where students can build on their reading and listening skills and enhance their vocabulary, immersing them in the Chinese language and keeping them up to date with current trends. They have the opportunity to take interactive tests and study in-depth reports as their knowledge grows, providing a lively learning environment that complements textbook-learning.

Students taking GCSE exams have access to a comprehensive learning portal that is tailored to exam techniques, enabling them to progress their learning in a highly structured way and motivating them at every step.

We also use other online tools for homework and to encourage further study at home. With these platforms, students can access tasks, post their homework, view teacher feedback and track their progress. Parents can also monitor their children’s learning and the tools provide our teachers with insight into students’ abilities, so they can provide additional or more advanced materials if necessary.

Other tech-based resources include access to worksheets and activities to further Chinese language and written skills, online games and pronunciation practice tools. We have also implemented an online awards system, which encourages our students to learn in a positive and rewarding environment.

At WenLin, we believe that our investment in technology resources alongside our expertise in the classroom sets us apart from other Chinese schools.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here is some feedback from our students and their parents.


WenLin teachers have been excellent. During the lockdown, all the lessons were conducted online but the teachers managed to engage all the children and they even offered video lesson recording free for younger children.


Thao (parent, Panda class and Bud class students)


WenLin found a comprehensive online web portal and tools for independent learning - a truly amazing online tool for Chinese language learning and introducing kids to Chinese culture, covering all aspects of writing and reading and with user-friendly audio features. WenLin also managed to address the biggest problem of all: how to help parents stay on top of the welter of homework and ensure submission of the kids’ homework. This was done via another great learning web app. This allows students, parents and teachers to monitor and communicate about the homework tasks, and it also allows the kids to submit their own work - all by themselves. This can be done in various ways - either by taking photos on a webcam, or sending in webcam audio/video, making typed comments (notes) or uploading phone images and scanned documents. It’s so easy!


Rob (parent, MBI-19 & MBII-20 class)

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