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Enthusiastic young students immersed in engaging Mandarin Chinese classes at our award-winning Chinese school, fostering a dynamic and fun environment for Chinese language learning.


In this section we are glad to share with our community a few acknowledgements that WenLin School has earned along the way!

Thanks again to you all for your invaluable contribution and ongoing support!

  • Shooting Star Chase Charity - Thank You Letter (2017)

  • Young Minds Charity - Thank You Letter (2018)

  • YCT HSK Centre (2018)

  • Chinese Calligraphy Competition (2018 and 2019)

  • Chinese Essay Writing Competition (2019)

  • Chinese Painting Competition (2019)

  • Certificate of Continuing Professional Development (2020)

  • Streatham Clapham Prep School - Reference Letter (2020)

  • Membership Certificate of Chinese Plus (2020)

  • Outstanding Organisation Award (2020)

  • Summer Camp Outstanding Oraganisation Award (2020)

  • 3rd Global Chinese School Cloud Chinese New Year Gala (2021)

  • Global Overseas Youth Chinese Writing Competition (2021

  • Little Village Charity - Thank You Letter (2021)

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