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An enthusiastic teenager Asian student engaged in Mandarin Chinese class, joyfully smiling at the camera while diligently writing on a piece of paper. Experience the excellence of our Award-Winning Chinese School for Mandarin Chinese Classes and Chinese Language Learning

Why choose WenLin Chinese School?

We have a strong passion for immersing students in Chinese language and culture. We want to take our students on a learning journey, not just at our school but for many years after, ensuring they are confident in their use of the language.

We have carried out a lot of research on how to make teaching effective, as well as following and implementing the latest teaching methods. While language learning is our business, it is our passion, first and foremost.

At WenLin Chinese School we want to create an environment that is conducive to language immersion, which stimulates learning interests, increasing the enthusiasm and motivation for learning Chinese.

Key Facts

  • WenLin Chinese School is one of only two Ofsted-registered weekend Chinese schools in the UK

  • All teachers are native Chinese speakers trained to high standards and DBS checked

  • Weekend and after-school/one to one classes available

  • Students have the opportunity to sit a range of internationally-recognised exams, including HSK and GCSE

  • Remote learning options are available via online platforms such as Zoom

Learning in a fun environment

When teaching is engaging and fun, students are more willing to learn and we have applied this to all our teaching methods. Weekend schools demand a certain amount of commitment and it can be all too easy for students to decide to stop after a couple of years, particularly if their levels of motivation and engagement are low.

From our previous experience, we have seen students become disinterested in the subject, believing that learning Mandarin is tedious and boring. At WenLin we are committed to changing those views; we have created a fun learning structure where everyone can enjoy while gaining knowledge and experience.

So why do we offer our courses this way? Put simply, we believe that creativity, quality, enjoyment of learning, and a warm, healthy learning environment are crucial to both a good education and a motivated attitude.

Our courses and activities are all tailored with these factors in mind, with elements of theory alongside practical, interactive elements. Our lessons are Interesting and varied, with fun- themed classrooms boosting students’ imagination and creativity, thus opening their minds to learning new things.

Learning Tools

At WenLin Chinese School, we use a range of online tools to showcase our innovative learning, as well as to boost students’ interactive time. During lockdown in 2020, we quickly implemented platforms such as Zoom, Seesaw and ClassDojo among others to minimise any disruption to learning, giving both our staff and students ample training so they were able to get to grips with a new style of learning quickly and efficiently. But don’t just take our word for it - here is some feedback from our students.


WenLin teachers have been excellent. During the lockdown, all the lessons were conducted online but the teachers managed to engage all the children and they even offered video lesson recording free for younger children.


Thao (parent, Panda class and Bud class students)

As a progressive school, we are always exploring how technology can enhance our students' learning. We have encouraged the students to use The Chairman Bao platform, which offers further immersion in the Chinese language and which challenges their skills too.


WenLin found a comprehensive online web-portals and tools for independent learning called the  "The Chairman's Bao" - a truly amazing online tool for Chinese language learning and introducing kids to Chinese culture, covering all aspects of writing and reading and with user-friendly audio features.


Rob (parent, MBI-19 & MBII-20 class)

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