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Vibrant Chinese Painting of Flowers, Birds, and Elegant Calligraphy - Capturing the Essence of Mandarin Chinese Classes at our Award-Winning Chinese School

Gift Ideas

All voucher will be beautifully gift packed and securely delivered. Please request further information and to book by filling in the form below. If you wish a more personalised choice please email or call 07883025706.

Request a Gift Voucher

Voucher for Him or Her

WenLin Chinese School is now offering a gift voucher for your special occasions! Surprise your loved one on their special day with a thoughtful gift to show them that you care about them. Along with the standard flowers, chocolates, and candlelit dinner, you can now give them the opportunity to have Chinese tuition and even a Chinese cooking lesson as well. Be it their birthday or your anniversary or any other occasion that you celebrate, make it even more special with this voucher! You can choose from any one of the following three options:

  • Chinese Culture Lessons:
    Understanding Your Chinese In-Law. Are the parents of your spouse Chinese? Have you ever wanted to learn more about your husband’s or wife’s culture? Or do you just want to learn more about the wonderful Chinese culture in general? With this voucher your loved   one can book a personalised Chinese culture experience.


  • Chinese Language Tuition:
    Helping him or her to communicate better with your family in China?There are many  ways to tell your partner that you love them, so why not try saying it in one of the world’s most elegant languages? Or show him/her a big support to his/her business  communication with China. The tuition can be book at a time suits your choice even can be delivered in your office.


  • Chinese Cooking Lessons:
    Cook to impress? Our teacher can come to your kitchen and show you the quickest yummiest Chinese cooking for two or more.

Donate a Workshop to Your Child’s School

Your children and their friends can learn more about Chinese culture and language with this new offer by the WenLin Chinese School. Parents, you can now purchase this voucher to give your children’s own schools a chance to have Chinese workshops for their students.

When children are exposed to a different culture, they gain many different skills. They learn to be more open-minded, more adaptable, more creative, more patient, and more receptive to learning. The Chinese culture offers a completely new perspective for those who delve into it.  China has a beautiful language and unique traditions, music, literature, drama, and martial arts. Chinese language-learning itself is growing rapidly worldwide, with around 50 million people learning . The gift that you give to your children’s schools can help them broaden their knowledge and experiences.

You can choose from any of the following types of workshops offered by WenLin Chinese School:

  • Chinese musical instruments

  • Chinese music performance

  • Chinese dance

  • Chinese martial art

  • Chinese painting and calligraphy

  • Chinese Jing Kun Opera

  • Chinese culture

Support your children’s school and offer them a new  experience to your children’s educations now by purchasing a voucher as a special gift. Call 07883 025706 or email for further information.

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