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Enthusiastic young student in a Mandarin Chinese class joyfully high-fiving her dedicated Asian teacher, exemplifying the excellence of our award-winning Chinese School in promoting Mandarin Chinese Classes and Chinese Language Learning

Useful Resources

Chinese Lessons Online # 1 -《弟子规·入则孝》Dizigui: At home, Be dutiful to my parents Link

Chinese Lessons Online # 2 -《二十四孝·望云思亲》Twenty-four filial piety: Gazing the sky, missing my mother Link

Chinese Lessons Online # 3 -《九月九忆山东兄弟》Double Ninth, remembering my Shandong brothers Link

"Lock down" time! Home Activity Resources List   Link 1 /  Link 2

"Lock down" time! Virtual Tour Resources List   Link

Chinese Measure Words Link

Introduction to Chinese Characters Link

Resources and Ideas for Teaching Chinese Creatively Link

Online Chinese Tools Link

Overseas Chinese Language and Culture Education Online Link

Henglong Wushu Club Link

iChinese Learning Grammar Channel Link

Chinese Content Platform for Children Link

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