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Vibrant Chinese Painting of Flowers, Birds, and Elegant Calligraphy - Capturing the Essence of Mandarin Chinese Classes at our Award-Winning Chinese School


Have you ever heard a piece of Chinese classical music and marvelled at the way the instruments came together to make a beautiful melody?

China is known for its wide variety of musical instruments. More than 500 types of Chinese musical instruments have existed and today, more than 100 of them are still frequently used in music. When you book for WenLin’s music workshop, our specialised professional musician will bring over 30 kinds of different Chinese instruments to your office, school, or any suitable event settings. Our musician will demonstrate how to play each instrument and how the traditional Chinese orchestra is formed and developed. We offer bowed string instruments, plucked string instruments, wind instruments, and percussion instruments.

Not only will we give you the chance to directly experience the music and these amazing rare  instruments, but we will also be sharing with you the history and characteristics of each one. Knowing your instruments and having fun with them is the key to making beautiful music.

For booking and further information, please ring 07883025706 or email

Do you love the blend of cultures you hear when you listen to songs from other countries? Or do you simply want to learn how to play an instrument?

WenLin Chinese School is now offering workshops where you can experience and learn about over 30 different kinds of Chinese musical instruments.

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